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Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ notes:

This FAQ is offered to assist our customers,

We will add relevant information to it based on enquiries we receive.  We will never be able to cover everything but will endeavour to provide key infomation to assist you wherever possible. 

1. Where can I find out how to use and Android Smartphone?

The easiest way is to Google "android user guide" this will provide a wide range of web sites that can assist you.

You will be able to choose from beginners guides to advanced guides as required.  

Google the developers of Android, have some great resources available on the internet as well. 


2. Do Blackview Smartphones run Android Software?

Yes Blackview phones - dependng on the model run Android from Kit Kat (-version 4), Lollipop (-version 5) and Marshmallow (-version 6). Nougat is the latest Android version, new models will use Nougat as they are released.

3. Are All the Phones you sell Unlocked? 

Yes every phone is ulocked for global usage...

4. What Networks will your phones work on across Australia and New Zealand / Oceania?

Our phones work on most networks across Oceania - each phone specification is clearly labelled on exch product decription

Please refer to this to be absolutley sure.

Generally our Smartphones work well on Optus / Vodafone / 2 Degrees, while our Featurephones work across all AU/NZ networks on WCDMA 3G.

Some Carriers / Telcos operate on frequencies that are not used on a global basis.

5. Are all Your Phone Covered by Warranty?

Yes but not if they are broken /dropped / damaged / Rooted (-where someone alters the aoftware on the phone).

Smartphones or Featurephones that are damaged by a user are excluded from warranty cover.

This is standard across all phone brands in Australia and New Zealand.

As soon as any major brand phone is dropped or damaged in any way they are no longer covered by warranty.  

This is because Smartphones and Featruephones have many delicate components such as cameras that can be adversely affected by impacts.