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About Tekram Direct

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Our Company:

Tekram Direct is a distribution company offering affordable *value for money* products across the Oceanic Region in the Southern Hemisphere.

At Tekram Direct we strive to secure fantastic product partners that offer affordable products and solutions that will help our customers succeed with their everyday lives...

We strive to look after our customers by offering a great range of *value for money* products that we hope will make a positive difference in your lives.

Originally we started our business marketing Smartphones and then branched into Featurephones and Accessories.

We will also seek to offer technology products that will add more value and also make a difference to enhance our customers lives even further.

Our People

Our people are based in Australia and New Zealand with experience across all facets of product importation and distribution. This includes design, procurement and branding.

We can draw on combined wide experience working across retail / wholesale / distribution and logistics including 3PL (3rd Party Logistics).

Some of our team have experience in major retail, some in services provision and management, others have experience across diverse business areas such as web design, law, e-commerce, financial transactions, coding and programming.

To all of you from all of us at Tekram Direct thanks you for your business and support we look forward to assisting you with our great range of products

All the best,

The Team @ TekramDirect.